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SMART LIVING CLB@Letňany apartment building emphasizes the use of high-quality materials and working methods which secure building residents the long lifetime of their new home.

Trigema Smart Living

TOne of the principal benefits of the Smart Living concept is that you always have many choices, in terms of the location you wish to live in, and also in the size and layout of apartments and their fixtures. Smart Living invests in quality. And this is inherent in everything Trigema brings onto the market. As such we have offered the Smart Living concept since 2015 at a number of basic levels. The options available for CLB@Letňany standards are based on a three-level range, with a basic level which will also save you money.

An example of the standards through which we endeavour to differentiate our projects and which you can expect as part of the concept’s basic level:

Environmental and energy standards

  • Extra thermal insulation on the apartment building exterior structure
  • The building architecturally respects the requirements for optimal building energy use
  • Insulating triple glazed windows preventing heat loss and sound penetration from outside
  • Sufficiently large windows to ensure daylight penetration in each room in the building
  • Air recovery – ventilation with sufficient air exchange
  • Air conditioning containing pollen filters to prevent excess humidity and the appearance of mould, mites and other pathogens
  • Use of natural building materials which limit the probability of mould or other micro-organisms detrimental to health from occurring
  • We avoid the use of slag and fibreglass which could release fibres in our construction materials
  • Appropriate apartment layouts with effective ratios of residential and communal areas

Apartment standards

  • Temperature in each room is controlled using thermostatic dials on radiators.
  • Windows and balcony doors in the SMART LIVING CLB@Letňany building will be plastic with insulating triple glazing.
  • The apartment will contain an air-conditioning (recovery) unit with air filtration and heat recovery.
  • Heated fresh (outside) air will flow into living areas, while dirty air will be removed from sanitary areas (bathroom, toilet) and the kitchen.
  • The hall will contain a separate smoke detector which senses smoke in the room. An alarm is immediately set off if smoke gets into the detector.
  • Each room will have wiring for ceiling lamps in place.
  • Each room will contain a data socket and shared television antenna socket. Entrance doors to apartments will be fire-resistant and security class 3.

Forced ventilation

While old building designs involved air exchange through loose windows, modern apartments in low-energy buildings represent an almost hermetically sealed system. As such, an air-conditioning system takes care of ensuring sufficient ventilation.

Heat recovery means that the fresh incoming air is heated by the outgoing waste air, reducing heat loss through ventilation. The heat created in the apartment thus remains inside and fresh air from outside coming in is heated to a pleasant temperature.

Every recovery unit also has an additional electrical heating system which is sufficient for heating a low-energy building with minimum energy consumption.

The powerful air-conditioning system with recovery units will replace at least 10 % of the volume of air in your apartment in one hour. Thus over ten hours the air in your apartment is fully replaced, which has a positive impact on the quality of air in terms of carbon dioxide content, smell, and humidity. The whole system can be regulated and its performance multiplied several-fold.

There are two separately controllable branches in the apartment – one secures air outlet from the kitchen, the other from the rest of the apartment. As such, you can, e.g. increase the removal of kitchen steam while cooking at the same time as leaving ventilation of the remainder of the apartment at a minimum.

You will come to realize the benefits of this system from personal experience. We can say, however, that in general it results in improved user comfort in the apartment, and this system has met only with a positive response from users, mainly for the following reasons:

  • Air ventilation is not extreme – you avoid temperature differences and this leads to increased living comfort, and is also appreciated, e.g., by plants sensitive to temperature changes
  • The fresh air is preheated by the waste air, significantly reducing heating energy consumption
  • The exchange of air can be regulated. At minimum performance, 10 % of the air in your apartment is replaced in an hour, securing a comfortable environment free of dust and humidity with imperceptible ventilation
  • The air-conditioning system significantly increases the hygiene comfort of your home – you don’t get condensation on your windows, and you prevent the occurrence of mould
  • Air removal from the kitchen – the whole room is ventilated, not just the area above the cooker. You can, of course, also purchase a cooker hood with carbon filter securing partial local filtration of cooking smells.

Cellar storage rooms and parking

Cellar storage rooms are located on the ground floor and both basement levels, and they are included in the price of your apartment.

There are 17 visitor car parking spaces in front of the SMART LIVING CMB@Letňany building. Access to the underground garages containing 50 parking spaces is secured via a two-way two-lane ramp. There are 2 disabled parking spaces in the garages, and 2 in front of the building. The price for a garage parking space is 302 500 CZK incl. VAT.

Apartment and house construction standards

Vertical structure
  • Load-bearing structure: combination of reinforced concrete system.
  • Building shell: contact insulation system.
Horizontal structure
  • Monolithic reinforced concrete panel.
  • Acoustic suspended ceilings in corridors and apartment units.
Interior walls
  • Plasterboard.
  • Living room, bedroom, corridor – floating laminate floor, skirting along./li>
  • Bathroom, toilet, kitchen area, porch, hall, storage room – ceramic tiles, selection according to standard.
  • Balconies, terraces, recessed balconies – frost resistant anti-slip ceramic or concrete tiles.
  • Shared corridors, landings – ceramic tiles according to architect’s selection.
  • The flooring options in the apartment units depend on their layouts and plans.
Interior plastering
  • Walls in apartment units - plaster.
  • Apartment units – white, abrasion-resistant.
  • Shared corridors, staircase – white, section with coloured paint as chosen by architect.
Wall tiles, paint
  • Bathroom, toilet – ceramic tiles, selection according to standard.
  • Kitchen area – no tiles.
  • Ceramic wall and floor tiles are trowel-grouted as standard according to standard.
Windows and balcony doors
  • Plastic - insulating triple glazing.
  • Exterior plating: painted aluminium plate, interior plastic system, or laminated plate.
Garage doors
  • Sectional, remotely controlled entrance doors to basement garages.
Entrance door to apartment
  • Security door, w. 900 (or 1 000) mm flush, fire-resistant, security class 3, CPL laminate surface.
  • Security fittings – peephole; steel handle; wooden threshold.
Interior doors
  • Doorframes.
  • CPL door finish, with design according to determined standard, dimensions according to plans.
  • Interior fittings.
  • Entrance doors to building – glazed aluminium (self-closing, panic handle, el. door opener).
Separate smoke alarm
  • A smoke sensor will be fitted in the hallway of every apartment.
Electric wiring
  • Interior features – switches, sockets as standard, e.g. Schneider or ABB).
  • Preparations for kitchen area will be completed in a box at the anticipated kitchen position.
  • Central heat exchange station on ground floor.
  • Ladder radiator located in bathrooms – panel or bench heaters.
  • Thermostatic heads on radiators.
Air conditioning
  • Adjustable air exchange system.
Building services
  • According to standard specifications.

Note: Trigema, a.s. reserves the right to change the terms of these standards.

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